Creative Counselling by Carrie Nyitrai

My goal with the site is to share some information about myself and the therapy that I specialize in.  My counselling services are unique to Thunder Bay. Here is a bit about me:

I am a registered Master of Social Work (MSW) Counsellor and Certified Expressive Art Therapist (EXAT). I obtained my MSW from Lakehead University and my area of specialty has been trauma counselling in the area of domestic violence with women and children.

My areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, loss, and healing from traumatic events. For a number of years I also worked in the field of addictions and use a harm reduction approach.  I have been a counsellor in the Thunder Bay area working at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre and Children’s Centre Thunder Bay.

My passion for helping individuals led me to explore the modality of Expressive Arts to help people begin the healing process. Expressive Arts is an evidence informed, cutting edge approach to healing. One common goal I have always maintained is to help people deal with day to day struggles and heal from life’s unfortunate events.  I feel expressing one’s self through art, music, movement, writing, dance and drama will give you a new way to look at self-care and healing.

KIDS Counselling

Individual Counselling

Are you looking for individual counselling that is unique and different than traditional talk therapy? Expressive Arts Therapy may be the key for your growth and personal development.

My areas of expertise include:

- Grief and Loss
- Trauma
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
- Anxiety - Depression

I have worked with clients age 0 – 99. Expressive Arts Therapy is for all ages.

& Corporate Training

I come to you and deliver a workshop designed to meet your needs. Some examples include; Igniting the Fire Within (Find Your Passion), Moving Through Grief and Loss, Building Self Esteem and Self Confidence.

Workshops with Storytelling Figures


Join us in a workshop to explore your inner self by creating a funky, unique figure with wires, foam, thread, wool, fabrics and many, many trinkets, buttons, and beads.


Once your figure comes alive, takes shape spend some time getting to know him or her and creating his/her/it’s story. You will be amazed at what comes out during this process. This process works well when looking at making changes in ones life, building self esteem or self confidence or healing from some past trauma.


Contact me today to learn how to join a workshop. Or get 5-6 people together to create and build and have your own private session. Excellent idea for a team retreat or staff development day. We can create in your space or mine.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy (EXAT) is a cutting edge approach to addressing life’s challenges. The experience of expressive arts might be the creation of a painting, writing of a poem, music or simply a movement of the hand.

Within these creative expressions lie opportunities to open space to expanding ideas and beliefs. These are stories of possibilities. These are the sounds when meaning is echoed in suffering. We may delight in the surprise that emerges from ones work with the image, the word, the song.

EXAT can take many forms and can be done individually and for any issue including grief, anxiety, anger, trauma, just to name a few. Or it can take place in a group session, where process and healing happen within the group. Finally expressive arts can be a modality that is used in both a training element for professionals who want to build on their own practice or as a team building event or exercise.

"Art gave me words when my voice was stuck." – anonymous

If you are interested in learning more consider taking one of my workshops on self growth and creative wonderings. There you will be able to look into yourself and perhaps there is a piece of yourself you want to work on or improve upon, the creation of a “spirit doll, creature or warrior being.

If you would like to contact Carrie, book a workshop or book Carrie as a Keynote Speaker at your event, please send an e-mail to

Carrie also hosts training events for counsellors interested in certification in Expressive Art Therapy. If you would like information on the next event or if you would like to arrange your own training event, Carrie would love to hear from you!